Personal Training

Personal Training is also offered in a private setting for individuals and small groups.  All ages and fitness levels are welcome.  Sessions are created with the client's goals in mind, whether increased fitness, performance enhancement for a specific sport, or injury prevention are a factor.  Additional emphasis is placed on  core strength and stability, postural correction, and functional training techniques.


Dr. Berman utilizes her postgraduate education to offer nutritional counseling far beyond basic dietary advice.  Specific recommendations are made based on the patient's biochemical and physiological needs, addressing concerns such as:  stress, fatigue, injury/surgical recovery, intestinal distress and organ system imbalances.  In addition to dietary changes, products from Standard Process, Nutri-West, Thorne Research and Karuna Corp. may be recommended.

Physical Therapy:

In a one on one, private setting, Dr. Berman provides an holistic approach to pain,  injury,  joint dysfunction or limitations,  addressing the problem not just the symptoms.  She uses this philosophy to provide therapy for the neck, back. arms and legs.  Aside from injuries, patients seek Dr. Berman for balance concerns (fall risk),  shoulder stabilization, enhanced sports performance,  pre and post surgical programs and stroke rehabilitation.

Postural correction and stabilization,  in conjunction with specific rehabilitation  is a part of every session.


Dr. Berman takes the time with each patient to provide a comprehensive evaluation and treatment.  Patients range from 4 days old to 102 years young.  She is "hands on" in her approach, in direct contact with patients for the entire appointment.  A specialized, custom built Chiropractic table, enhances patient comfort and provides additional therapy through traction and flexion/ distraction of the spinal joints.

Dr. Berman selects from multiple Chiropractic techniques and therapy modalities to tailor treatment for each patient's individual needs.  Dr. Berman is capable of addressing a wide range of challenges both in the spine and the extremities--including postural correction, pain,  injuries,  arthritis, headaches,  pregnancy and pediatrics.

Custom orthodics from Foot Levelers may be provided for correction of the feet,  gait,  posture and balance.

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