Dr. Berman was recommended to me by a close friend.  I had been seeing a chiropractor and it was a fine experience, but my experience with Dr. Berman really changed my life.  I had come to her for the typical back adjustments.  However, I also had some stomach issues that landed me in the local E.R. three times.  My final time into the E. R. The doctor recommended I make an appointment to have a scoping of my gastrointestinal tract.  I was scared half to death.  It was being stated that I might end up in the black hole of those diagnosed with Irritable Bowel Syndrome.  I didn't want the scoping, let alone the possible diagnosis.  Dr. Berman asked me to give her six weeks.  She felt very confident that through Standard Process supplements, Young Living Essential Oils, and the chiropractic work that she could turn around my stomach issues.  I am happy to say that it was approximately six weeks after following her instructions that my stomach issues disappeared.  I have never had a problem since and it's been more than ten years since my last visit to her.  So for those of you who are fortunate enough to be in Honolulu, enjoy!   She is truly special.

-Ellen H. 

Dr. Berman is an amazing Chiropractor!  If you are in pain, need to rehab an injury, learn how to give a healthier lifestyle to get well and stay well, then you need to contact Dr. Berman TODAY!

Aloha Dr. Berman and Mahalo for keeping my spine in line.

-Dr. Christopher C.

I first sought the assistance of Dr. Janaki Berman a few years go while training for the Molokai Solo and an East Coast open ocean race. Dr. Berman's holistic approach which included chiropractic adjustments, core strength training, and yoga not only made me a better canoe paddler, but put me in the best shape in my life.  More than that, better posture, greater flexibility, and improved food habits have put me on an ongoing path of health and happiness! 

-Dean S.

My name is Carolynn Griffith and would like to share the smart, effective, and  healing Chiropractic work that I have experienced with Dr. Janaki Berman.  I began seeing her when she moved her California practice to Hawaii, a blessing for me.  Dr. Janaki understands the human body, and adjusts me comfortably with great results.  When I have injured myself she is able to work on me in her office as well as give me exercises to strengthen the affected areas at home.  I have even brought my 90 year old Mom in for treatments when she was in pain.  I feel so blessed to have found an experienced Chiropractor who can adjust and keep me healthy, flexible and pain free!

-Rev.  Carolynn G.

An amazing Doctor with amazing healing capabilities and a huge heart.  It is rare these days to have a doctor put so much heart and effort into each individual patient!  Dr. Berman has an answer for every question, and if she doesn't know the answer she is willing to find it.  I recently moved away and my body aches for her healing hands daily! Highly recommended!

- Bethany T.

Dr. Berman is a gifted talent as a chiropractor.  There is none finer in rehabilitation therapy!

-Ray H.

I moved back to Honolulu ten years ago and searched for a good chiropractor for multi-injury- very complex health situation.  I found no one who was up to the task until I began treatments with Dr. Berman.  I am very grateful she is here!

-Lani B.

Dr. Janaki Berman is the Best of the Best!  Not only has she helped my family,  but I have brought clients to her from all over the US when they have visited here in Hawaii.  She goes the extra mile and works her magic!  We all love her!  Highly recommended!!!  Aloha!!

-R. Michael  S. 

For seven years Dr. Janaki has corrected and  improved my scoliosis and other health concerns.  She has helped me to  maintain my vitality through Chiropractic treatments and  exercise training .

She's "No Kai Oi" The very Best!!

-Susan Q.

Local Chiropractor in Honolulu

A Healer with substance and expertise.

-Dr. Gloria M.